According to statistics, the foreign trade of the East Kazakhstan region is 1.3 billion USA dollars. In the structure of commodity circulation in the region, imports account for 82,8% or 1.1 billion USA dollars, which increased by 62.7 million USA dollars. Exports fell by 17.2% to 240 million USA dollars. 

Total exports of the region - 240 million USA dollars, of which: to the EEU countries - 319.4 million USA dollars, to the rest of the countries - 1.9 million USA dollars.

Export structure of the region:

  • 57.2% (1.3 billion) - metals and products from them (zinc, copper, lead, titanium, tantalum, copper master alloys, aluminum, beryllium), sales markets: Turkey, China, Vietnam, the Netherlands , Russia, Spain, Belgium, USA, Ukraine;
  • 17.8% (398.9 million USA dollars) - silver, sales market: United Kingdom;
  • 10.6% (237.9 million USA dollars) - mineral products (zinc ores and concentrates, natural gas, copper ores and concentrates, lead ores and concentrates, coal, portland cement), sales markets: China, Uzbekistan, Russia, Bulgaria;
  • 6% (134.1 million USA dollars) - food products (wheat, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, barley, flax seeds, wheat flour, oilcake, fish products), markets: Uzbekistan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, China, Afghanistan, Turkey;
  • 3.5% (79.3 million USA dollars) - shoes, sales market: Russia;
  • 2% (45.7 million USA dollars) - products of the chemical industry (uranium, hydrofluoric acid, polyurethane products, calcium phosphates, building parts made of plastics), sales markets: USA, Russia, Uzbekistan;
  • 1.6% (35.4 million USA dollars) - machinery, equipment, devices and apparatus (stop valves for pipelines, parts of semiconductor devices, switchboards and bases for electrical equipment, capacitors, equipment for cleaning liquids and gases, parts of equipment for processing of minerals), markets: Russia, China, Lithuania;
  • 0.4% (10 million USA dollars) - gold, sales market: Russia;
  • 0.7% (15.5 million USA dollars) - the remaining product groups (paper products, coniferous forest products, various types of clothing, slag wool, tanned leather, etc.).

Exports of finished goods amounted to 185.7 million, an increase of 19.2% compared with 2017. The largest volume of exports fell on footwear (79.3 million USA dollars), stop valves (9.4 million USA dollars), portland cement (7 million USA dollars), sunflower oil (6.3 million. USA), parts of semiconductor devices (5.3 million USA dollars), switchboards and bases for electrical equipment (4.8 million USA dollars), wheat flour (4.5 million USA dollars), oil cakes ( 4.2 million USA dollars), bismuth (3.9 million USA dollars), hydrofluoric acid (3.8 million USA dollars), cardboard boxes and boxes (3.2 million USA dollars) , capacitors (3.1 million USA dollars), polyurethane products (2.8 million USA dollars), equipment vanie for purification of liquids and gases (US 3 Mill. dollars.) and so forth.

The export geography of the region under consideration numbers 41 countries. The main trading partner countries of the East Kazakhstan region are the EU countries, which account for 30.4% of the region’s total exports.


USА dollars

Main export goods



zinc 180,1 millions USA dollars, copper refined 109,7 millions USA dollars, petroleum gases 72,4 millions USA dollars, zinc ore and 28.5 millions USA dollars, copper ore 25,1 millions USA dollars, lead ore of 22.3 millions dollars USA



silver 398.9 million USA dollars



refined copper of 180.4 millions USA dollars, zinc was 167.2 millions USA dollars, wheat 5,5 millions USA dollars



shoes 79.3 million USA dollars, zinc 53.7 million USA dollars, copper unrefined 26.7 million USA dollars



lead 91.5 million USA dollars, zinc 46.7 million USA dollars



zinc 77 million USA dollars, lead 26.8 million USA dollars, titanium 2.3 million USA dollars, tantalum 1.8 million USA dollars



zinc ore 56.7 million USA dollars, wheat 22.2 million USA dollars, sunflower seeds 2.1 million USA dollars



lead 75.9 million USA dollars



uranium 31,7 millions USA dollars, tantalum 22,6 millions USA dollars, Titan 6,2 millions USA dollars



Titan 60,3 millions USA dollars, flax seed 3,3 millions USA dollars



wheat 20,8 millions USA dollars, the coal of 2.9 million USA dollars



zinc 21.4 million USA dollars, copper refined 1.8 million USA dollars

South Korea


Titan 19.1 million USA dollars



copper ligatures 6,9 million USA dollars, zinc 5,1 million USA dollars, tantalum 4,7 million USA dollars



copper ligatures 5.4 million USA dollars, aluminum 3.2 million USA dollars


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