GRP of East Kazakhstan region in 2018 amounted to 2.3 trillion.KZT (share of GRP of the region in the gross product of Kazakhstan made 5.8%). Among the regions of Kazakhstan in terms of GRP East Kazakhstan region is on the 9th place.

In the structure of GRP of East Kazakhstan region, services account for 61% or 1.7 trillion. tenge, for goods – 39% or 1.1 trillion. tenge. At the same time, the largest volume of goods in GRP fell on industrial production – 82.8% or 720 billion tenge, the share of agricultural products amounted to 17.2% or 162 billion tenge.

His specialization the agriculture of the region is cattle-breeding direction with developed plant growing.

The volume of gross agricultural output amounted to 162 billion tenge, the index of physical volume was 105.2%.

Plant growing
In 2018, crops of agricultural crops were placed on the area of 1.3 million hectares, of which oilseeds-449 thousand hectares, wheat-343 thousand hectares, fodder-288 thousand hectares, cereals-539 thousand hectares, potatoes-18 thousand hectares, corn forage-13 thousand hectares, vegetables and melons – 12 thousand hectares.

The gross grain harvest amounted to 8.8 million quintals with an average yield of 16.3 quintals per hectare, oilseeds – 5.5 million quintals with a yield of 12.4 quintals per hectare, potatoes – 4.3 million quintals with a yield of 214.4 quintals per hectare, vegetables – 2.6 million quintals with a yield of 300.4 quintals per hectare, corn for feed – 1.5 million quintals with a yield of 119.4 quintals per hectare, melons – 1.2 million tons per hectare yields of 292.4 quintals per hectare.

At the end of 2018 in the region there are 4.1 million heads of poultry, 1.7 million heads of sheep and goats, 969.6 thousand heads of cattle, 319.4 thousand heads of horses. The gross volume of livestock production amounted to 291 billion tenge, the index of physical volume -104.1%. 

A distinctive feature of animal husbandry is its diversified nature. Depending on the climatic conditions and economic activity in the region successfully developed dairy and beef cattle, fine-wool and coarse-wool sheep, pig, horse, poultry, maral and reindeer, beekeeping, camel. The region is a monopolist in the Republic for the development of maral, reindeer and antler production.

The volume of industrial production in 2018 amounted to 779.8 billion tenge, which is 6.5% higher than the same period in 2017. The index of physical volume of industrial production at the end of the year amounted to 117.1%.

In the structure of industrial production 68.8% is manufacturing. The volume of production of the industry amounted to 536.4 billion tenge. The index of physical volume – 116,1%.

The volume of production in the metallurgical industry amounted to 1 trillion. tenge. The IFO was 106.5%. 

In the food industry, the volume of production amounted to 126 billion tenge. Volume index-85.9%.

In January-December 2018, the engineering industry produced products worth 161 billion tenge, which is 14.3% or 14.8 billion tenge less than in the same period of 2017.

The mining industry occupies 23.6% of the industrial structure. The volume of production of the industry amounted to 184 billion tenge. The index of physical volume – 125,1%.

Electricity supply accounted for 6.7% and water supply for 0.8% last year. The index of physical volume amounted to 72.4 %

The volume of production of other non-metallic mineral products for January-December 2018 in the region amounted to 52 billion tenge, which is 13.3% less than the same period last year. The IFO was 88.4%

The chemical industry produced products worth 23 billion tenge. IFO-100,8%.

Enterprises of the woodworking industry of East Kazakhstan region for 12 months of 2018 produced products in the amount of 5.4 billion tenge, which is 3.7% or 0.2 billion tenge lower than last year, while production in natural terms increased by 13.8%. The volume of production of light industry in monetary terms for 12 months of 2018 amounted to 4.3 billion tenge. IFO-103.2%.

In the structure of light industry products for January-December 2018, 47.2% is accounted for the production of clothing, 27.8% – for the production of textiles and 22.2% – for the production of leather and related products.

In January-December 2018, the East Kazakhstan region produced pharmaceutical products totaling 1.8 billion tenge, which is 8.3% or 0.1 billion tenge more than the same period last year. The IFO of the production of basic pharmaceutical products for 2018 amounted to 136.5%.

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