Road transport and roads

East Kazakhstan region is connected with Almaty, Karaganda, Pavlodar regions by highways of Republican significance "Almaty-Ust-Kamenogorsk", "Karaganda-Ayagoz-Bogas", "Omsk-maykapchagay". In addition, the area is associated with China road "Taskesken – Bakhty" and the Russian road "Ust-Kamenogorsk –Shemonaikha – Russian border".

The most used roads are "Taskesken-Bakhty", "Omsk-maykapchagay" "Semey-border of the Russian Federation-Voskresenovka-Petropavlovsk-Zubair-Baytanat-border of the Russian Federation".

The main transit corridor passing through the territory of the East Kazakhstan region is the road of Republican significance "Omsk-maykapchagay", connecting the Republic of Kazakhstan with the Russian Federation and China

East Kazakhstan region has a developed transport infrastructure. The transport network consists of road and rail, water (river) routes, and air transport infrastructure. The region's transport network is an important part of the transit system with access to the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation.

The main type of transport used to transport passengers in the region is road transport.

The region has the longest network of public roads in the Republic – 11,886 km, including: Republican value-3,414 km (28.7 %), regional value-3,186 km (26.8 %), district value – 5,285.9 km (44.5%).

Of these, 7,086 km are paved, 3,988. 4 km are gravel, and 811 km are unpaved, with 514 bridges and 6,610 culverts.

"Railway station on Abaya"
map-icon Ust-Kamenogorsk, Abaya str., 8
phone-icon 8 (7232) 76-69-69, 8 (7232) 76 50 40

Railway transport

The East Kazakhstan branch of the railway has a significant impact on the economy of the region, serves as a link for such industries as metallurgy, mining, construction materials, mechanical engineering, agricultural, food, forestry and woodworking industries.

The main highways that pass through the region: "Semipalatinsk-Elbow", "Semipalatinsk-Almaty", "Semipalatinsk-Pavlodar", "Protection-Elbow", "Protection-Zyryanovsk", "Protection-Leninogorsk" and "Protection-Shar".

The deployed length of the main railway tracks in the region is 1,209 km, which is 8 % of the total length of the Railways of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The density of Railways in the region is 4.1 km per 1,000 km2, which is 1.4 km lower than the national average (in Kazakhstan-5.5 km per 1,000 km2). The railway track on the territory of the region is mainly single-track (10.5 km from the common tracks-double-track), the lines are not electrified.

Railway transport connects the regional center with the cities of Semey, Kurchatov, Ayagoz, Shar, Ridder, Zyryanovsk and Shemonaikha.

Oskemen-1 Station
map-icon Ust-Kamenogorsk, ul. Temirzholshylar, 93/2
phone-icon +7 7232 50 12 15

Air transport

There are 4 airports, of which: 2 airports are allowed to serve international flights (Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semey), 2 airports serve local air airlines (Zaisan, Urjar). The airport of Ust-Kamenogorsk is assigned category I according to ICAO standards.

The cities of Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semey, Zaisan and Urjar are covered by air traffic. The regional center and the city of Semey are connected by air with such regions of Kazakhstan as the cities of Almaty, Astana, and Karaganda. International communication-with the Russian Federation (Moscow, Novosibirsk).

JSC "Ust-Kamenogorsk Airport"
map-icon Ust-Kamenogorsk, Bazhova str. 566
phone-icon 8 (7232) 77-84-84, 8 (7232) 77-81-00

Energy infrastructure and heat supply

On the territory of the region there are 4 thermal power plants – Ust-Kamenogorsk TPP, sogrinskaya TPP, Ridder TPP, TPP-1 Semey, which provide heat and hot water supply to consumers of the cities of Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semey and Ridder.

There are 672 boilers with a capacity of up to 100 Gcal, of which 462 are solid fuel, 26 are liquid fuel and 184 are electric boilers.

Heat energy is generated by 120 heat supply sources and 422 installed boilers (power plants).

Water transport

The main navigable highway of the region's inland waterways is the Irtysh river, which flows from the border of the PRC to the border with the Russian Federation. The length of the river on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan is 1,698 km, including 1,116 km on the territory of the region.

Today there are three shipping locks and two ports in the region: the cargo port of Irtysh-TRANS LLP and the river port in Semey.


The consumption of liquefied petroleum gas (propane-butane) is carried out through 670 group tank installations (of which 204 are operating), mainly in the cities of Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semey, Ridder, Kasym Kaisenov village, Ulan district, Borodulikhinsky and Shemonaikhinsky regions, natural gas in Zaysan.

There are 276 gas distribution units and 82.8 km of gas pipelines.

In addition, the construction of intra-settlement gas distribution networks of 9 settlements of the Zaysan region (the villages of Karabulak, Kensai, Kainar, Ainabulak, Zhambyl, Kogedai, Shalkar, Karatal, Ulken-Karatal) is being carried out. Work has been completed in 6 villages (Karatal, Karabulak, Kensai, Ainabulak, Kaynar, Zhambyl) and are ready to be connected to gas pipelines.

According to preliminary estimates, the transition of boiler houses to natural gas as the main source of heat generation will reduce emissions of harmful substances (coal ash, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen and carbon monoxide) into the atmosphere by 9 times from 31 thousand tons to 3 thousand tons, which will significantly improve the environmental and social environment in the region.

Tariffs for industrial and communal services

Name of the service



for legal entities: for 1 kW/hour – 16.73 tenge

Thermal energy

for legal entities: 1 Gcal - 6528.13 tenge

Garbage collection

for legal entities: for 1 m3 - 1284 tenge


for legal entities: for 1 m3 – 197.02 tenge

Water disposal

for legal entities: for 1 m3 – 204.50 tenge

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